Tiga Raja Mill  12 oz  Sumatra
Tiga Raja Mill  12 oz  Sumatra
Tiga Raja Mill  12 oz  Sumatra

Tiga Raja Mill 12 oz Sumatra

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Medium Dark Roasted, Smooth and flavorful ranging from notes of toffee to hints of sweet berrys.

Based in the region of Saribu Dolok in Simalungun, northeast of Lake Toba, Tiga Raja is a small, specialty-focused mill introducing transparency into Indonesia’s historically opaque coffee buying system. Owned and operated by Five Senses Coffee in Australia, the mill purchases high quality parchment directly from farmers instead of middlemen, creating a traceable and sustainable supply chain.

Simalungun has many of the natural ingredients needed to produce high-quality coffee, including temperate climates, high altitude, and rich volcanic soils. The mill buys parchment coffee from farmers, who are trained on how to achieve quality and paid above-market rates for high-quality parchment. The carefully selected mill operators then process the coffee, using their vast knowledge of the quality expectations of specialty roasters and coffee 

Tiga Raja Sumatra Simalungun Wet Hull lot is processed using the wet hulled method, which involves milling the coffee at roughly 25% humidity (a regular washed coffee is milled at around 11% humidity), and then drying it before export to 12% humidity.

Sourced by Sustainable Harvest