About Us

The Ubuntu Coffee Cooperative is a small coffee roasting company located in Emeryville California. We grew out of a desire to market the finest Organic, Fair Trade Coffee in a work environment that respects the rights and dignity of all who work to produce it.  We registered our name in late 2010 and after much preparation began selling our coffee early 2012. We roast our beans with environmentally efficient Probat Roasting equipment and are a certified Bay Area Green Business by the Alameda County Green Business program.

The name Ubuntu is a southern African philosophy of generosity and equality.  Humanity cannot exist in a vacuum but must be reflected off another person.  By caring for my brothers and sisters I become more human and while success is celebrated it should not be at the expense of another.  We feel that these values are symbolic of the type of commerce we participate in: Fair Trade, Organic, Cooperative.

As the peoples’ palates become more educated, there is increasing curiosity of the source and impact that their everyday product purchases have on our global community/environment. We wish to bring together small scale coffee growing cooperatives with community based coffee roasters to empower each other thru transparent business practices, shared resources, and longstanding relationships.

We look forward to building with you!