Sumatra   Permata Gayo Cooperative  12 oz

Sumatra Permata Gayo Cooperative 12 oz

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"Rising abruptly from the coastal plains of Sumatra’s northern-most province, the mountains of Aceh Tengah (Central Aceh) are the historical home to the Gayonese people. The ideal growing conditions of this region have supported the long history and unique quality reputation of “Gayo Mountain” coffee...

....Permata Gayo was founded in 2006 in the Bener Meriah district of the Aceh Province, with the intention of guaranteeing more traceability along this long journey from Aceh to the port of Belawan. In bringing the full process from farmer to final export under one roof, Permata Gayo is able to regain more control over each step of the way to improve quality, communications and direct sales, and to achieve their ultimate objective – sharing a bigger portion of the final price back to the farmers themselves."

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A rich, earthy, sweet and delicious dark roast!